Our Mission . . .

To know God, love people, 

and transform the world. 

If we were to word this as a connection with our community, it could be worded this way:

We want to become better people, to build a better world, for now and the next generation. 

Our Vision

LifePointe Church is a group of people living transformed lives. We will help people connect with God through worship, discipleship, and service. By the power of God, we will live authentically, having joy, respect and love for each other. We will be a people of integrity and purpose, and will live transparent lives with each other. We will endeavor to bring this kind of transformation to our community and to the whole world. 

Our Values

Watch one of these videos about what we value. 

  Click Here or Click Here.

We want to build a church that:

  • only God can get credit for! 
  • frees up people to minister and not just serve on committees. 
  • is significantly impacting our community! 
  • focuses on discipling people, not just planning programs. Constant activity does not mean progress. We need more people development, and not just activity. 
  • focuses on learning not driven by curriculum, rather by life issues and experiences. We need to help people to “unpack life.” Life-driven learning is organic and personal. We need to meet people where they are at their point of need. True discipleship happens most naturally in the context of meaningful relationships. 
  • develops member’s strengths; aids them at getting better at what they already do well. In what ways has God already equipped YOU? Where can YOU make the greatest impact?
  • has positive ministry identity: Our church should be known in the community for its strengths. We want the work of the church to make a difference in the lives of people. We should design church ministries with outsiders in mind. They are our primary “customers.” 
  • strikes a balance between facilitating growth of believers and reaching the unsaved and un-churched. 


Every church or group has expectations. Most of the time they are not written. For LifePointe, we want to partner with you to accomplish certain things each year to help you in your spiritual growth. 

This is what we can do together: 

  • 5 - ongoing actions: grow, give, connect, serve, share
  • 4 - big events for the year
  • 3 - semesters of LifeGroups
  • 2 - training events
  • 1 - mission trip or project Click Here to hear a message on this.