Leadership @ LifePointe

  • Interim Pastor - Dr. Dave Martin

    Hi! I’m Dave Martin. Shortly after birth we moved to Boston, MA. My childhood was spent growing up in New England [MA, CT, NY] until the age of fourteen. At that age my parents divorced, and we moved to Springfield, MO, where I later graduated from Glendale High School. I attended Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO, and at the beginning of my sophomore year met my wife, Terry! We met in September, were engaged in April, and married in August!


    After earning my BA at SBU, I then earned my master’s degree at Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX, and my doctorate at Covenant Seminary here in St. Louis, MO. Along the way our family grew to include 2 children and 7 grandchildren!


    My spiritual journey parallels my upbringing. Born and raised a Catholic, I was intensely religious, attending parochial schools and learning to be an altar boy. I sought to be a “good boy” thinking that Heaven was attained by good deeds and right beliefs. However, after my parent’s divorce and moving to Springfield, my mother remarried a widower who knew Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. I then had it explained to me how I too could have more than a religion about God; I could actually have a relationship with Him by inviting Jesus Christ into my heart and life to be my personal Lord and Savior! I did just that in February 1964. Later, as a first semester freshman in college, I surrendered my life to full-time Christian ministry.


    Along with being a student pastor, associate / teaching pastor, and lead pastor in churches in Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Hawaii and Kentucky, I’ve also had the privilege of being an adjunct faculty member of Missouri Baptist University, Wayland Baptist University [Hawaii], and International College & Graduate School [Hawaii]. My passion is for spiritual seekers and unchurched people to know Christ as their personal Savior, and then in turn to help Christians grow in spiritual maturity.


    My “favorites” include:

    • hanging out at “satellite offices” like S&S, BreadCo, Starbucks, Waffle House & IHOP
    • watching Hallmark “chick flicks” with my bride [she lets me watch Sci-Fi and war movies on my own!]
    • recording TV shows like Seal Team, The Good Doctor, NCIS, Hawaii 5-O, & Bull to later watch with Terry
    • eating everything my girl puts in front of me!   
    • watching / attending a Cardinal’s game [I’m a fan, Terry’s a fanatic!]


    If you ever need to get in touch with me, I respond quickly to the following: calls or text @ 314-808-2211, or email [souldr@charter.net] 

  • Children's Ministry - Jennifer Riley

    Hello there! I’m Jennifer Riley. I help coordinate our LifePointe Kids children’s ministry. It is a pleasure to work with families and children at LifePointe!  Our children’s ministry team is comprised of men and women who truly have hearts for God and love teaching kids about Jesus. 

    My husband Bill and I have been married for 13 years. We have two children, Mason (10) and Sarah (5). Bill and I are both southern Missouri natives, and lived in Springfield, Mo., before moving to Wildwood. I went to Missouri State University (SMSU back then) and graduated in 2000 with a degree in communication/public relations. I spent 15 years working as an agency PR executive servicing local, national and global companies. These days I am blessed to be home with my children full time. 

    I’d love to get to know you and your family. Say hello on a Sunday morning or send me an email so I can get in touch with you. 

    A few fun facts about me. 

    • My husband and I met on a blind date.
    • I love rhubarb pie.
    • Yes, my hair IS naturally curly.
    • I’m a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. 
  • Worship Leader - Daniel Estes

    I have grown up in the St. Charles County area for most of my life, except for a year and a half when I went to college and worked in eastern Tennessee. I moved back home and transferred to MBU where I have a B.A. in Worship Arts.


    Two weeks after graduating college, I married my beautiful wife, Carrie. Together we are passionate for seeing God's kingdom grow and trying to be missional to those whom God places in our lives. We have a son, Steven, who loves dinosaurs and when you see him, he will tell you about dinosaurs that I have never heard of before. (He's so smart..,he gets that from his mother.)


    Other fun facts:

    • I love playing board games with my wife
    • I love hot wings, BBQ and sushi
    • I would love to be storm chaser
    • I love being in the mountains.